Cleaning Services

Cleaning Overview

For clients seeking premium cleaning services, we look through the lens of your customers and people to focus on how our cleaning services can positively impact the customer experience and the people within your business. HOLFORD delivers a quality service with a strong cultural fit, which enhances your facility, drives value and enables your business to perform at its best.

Cleaning Methodology

There’s only one way to ensure thoroughness in any contract cleaning operation, and that is to be methodical. The alternative – a haphazard, ad-hoc sort of arrangement – leads to items being overlooked and tasks being ignored, and it doesn’t take too long before the whole object of cleaning is defeated. HOLFORD’s attention to detail is what we are most renowned for in the industry.


Cleaning Categories

Residential Cleaning Service: General Home Cleaning | Floor Cleaning Service | Carpet | Hardwood | Tiles and Special Surfaces | Drain, Dryer Vents, Etc.

Office Cleaning: Interior Cleaning | Exterior Cleaning | Washroom Services | Mat Services | Waste Handling | Steward Services

Commercial Cleaning: Office Cleaning | Building Cleaning | Health Care Cleaning | Industrial Cleaning | Fashion and Accessories Retail Cleaning | Food & Beverage Cleaning  | Pressure Cleaning/Parking Lot

Specialized Cleaning: Cleaning of Fixtures and Installations | Duct and HVAC Cleaning | Height Cleaning | Façade and Signage Cleaning | Pool Cleaning Service | Carpet cleaning services

Operation methodology

Our services ensure a Single Point of Contact for all your facility needs.

This in turn enhances your employee efficiency by allowing them to concentrate on your core business.

Our Teams are structured with Dedicated Functions that results in:

Focused attention to each activity | Independent decision making (Non-Centralized)  | Detail-oriented Management | Cost Center realization and Budget optimization |Effective team leadership and greater efficient results

Extending the Life cycle of equipment | Decreasing the need for capital replacement | Enhance the performance of equipment | Decrease unplanned maintenance incidents | Create uninterrupted and Safe work environment | Reduce the consumption of energy

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